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Synthetic fabrics in high-end quality

Precision and quality are our top priorities. Since our foundation in 1870, we manufacture fabrics for forming, dewatering, transportation, pressing, filtration, and embossing. Especially in the field of forming fabrics for paper machines, we count to the leading global players striving to extend our market position. Our high-quality fabrics are being used in various areas. We fully take into account all particular requirements of the specific field to the properties and lifetime of the fabrics requested. A high-tech service by experienced engineers is part of our top products, enjoying a good reputation. It goes without saying that our fabrics, the raw materials used and the production process is 100% Made in Germany. We are convinced to provide a custom-made Villforth fabric for even the most challenging applications.


Board, Liner and Fluting, Cardboard

With companies like Amazon, Zalando, Ebay, etc., packaging paper has become indispensable, and is still a strongly increasing field. Such kind of industry demands a smooth production process. Our tailor-made high-tech fabrics are used to retrieve the most of the wire section.

A high-quality fabric has to meet the following requirements:

  • Reduction of embedded fibres (fabric marking) in the fabric structure due to a fine surface structure
  • Reducing fibre loss and increasing retention
  • Best machine sanitation by avoiding fibre and water drag supporting a clean fabric transport after the coach roll and, therefore, fibre drag in the machine
  • Good sheet removal after coach roll
  • Supporting a good sheet forming by gentle drainage
  • Minimum power consumption with maximum drainage capacity
  • Reduction of expensive chemicals e.g., retention agent
Graphic Papers

It is impossible to imagine daily life without paper. In Germany alone, more than 23 million tons of paper are produced in 3000 different grades. Sophisticated designs, a good feel, best paper quality: high-class magazines and booklets, benefit from the high-tech forming fabrics made in Reutlingen. Our innovative fabric technology sets the benchmark in the paper industry. Our scope of delivery includes forming fabrics for all kind of paper machines and paper grades.

Outstanding drainage, perfect sheet forming, low energy consumption, long life spans and optimum runability: with these standards in mind, we will design the perfect machine clothing for you!

Our fabrics enable the production of your best paper quality through the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding dewatering by ideal layout of drainage channels, woven on the most modern weaving loom in the world
  • Top runability and fabric stability
  • Perfect sheet forming by even formation and a high Fiber Support Index
  • Highly reduced power consumption with the longest life time of the fabric by use of our Vextreme-monofilaments
  • The good sheet release at the coach roll enables an ideal printability
Hygiene Papers

Extra soft and clean: Especially in the sensitive field of hygiene, fine and soft papers are required. Villforth Siebtechnik ensures best quality and efficiency at the production of tissues, napkins, toilet papers, paper towels etc. Using our specially developed tissue fabrics, your paper will become even softer and more absorbent and has more volume. Optimum runability and extraordinary fabric stability will meet the toughest requirements.

Using a TAD (through air drying) system, the absorbing capacity can be improved by 50% and the fabric use can be decreased by almost 20%, at equivalent paper sizes and qualities. The unique TAD-fabrics from Villforth Siebtechnik support this technology in a perfect way, as the fabrics remain hydrolysis resistant and dimensionally stable, even at high thermal impact. TAD-fabrics have a structured surface which ensures the softness and high volume of the tissues produced. Here the stability of the seam is quite challenging and we secure it by a specially designed unique procedure.

Steadily growing demands on hygienic papers require the high-end fabrics of Villforth Siebtechnik:

  • Reduced fabric thickness guarantees a smooth run on the paper machine and prevents fibre and water carriage
  • Extremely high drainage capacity
  • Best dimensional stability by our unique TOPAZ NT coating
  • Optimum construction for high-speed paper machines
  • Perfect synchronized dewatering characteristics adjusted to your machine type and raw-material input
  • The specialized fabric design enables a high volume and best softness
Speciality Papers

The diversity of the paper industry is without limits. Production of papers for tea bags, filters, decoration, cigarettes, raw wallpapers, banknotes and safety papers are just a small part of it. Specialized high-tech fabrics from our company can be found in all applications and ensure a gentle, steady drainage supporting a good formation (of the sheet) as well as high strength value during a high dewatering rate requested. Furthermore, a good cross profile will be achieved due to our excellent fabric support. Additional characteristic qualities to be emphasized are the low power consumption and long life span of our fabric qualities.

Our high-quality forming fabrics support a good printability (decoration/raw photo paper) by an even formation, the prevention of markings and a high densification in connection with a smooth paper surface.

Special paper grades demand special requirements on the fabric:

  • Long life time of the fabrics with lowest power consumption
  • Perfect synchronized dewatering characteristics adjusted to your machine type and raw-material input
  • An even formation and monoplane fabric surface enable an excellent printability

Here in Reutlingen, we are manufacturing a large spectrum of recent clothings for the production of non-woven fabrics. Our portfolio provides a variety of products for any machine configuration which mainly improve product quality and increase efficiency. Electroconductive fabrics equipped with antistatic yarns will be used in non-woven (Airlaid) machines to divert the electrostatic charge which forms through the fibre blown on the fabric. At production PEEK and PPS are being used as example as well. These premium materials are extremely heat and pressure resistant i.e., they will be used for hot presses.

Our R&D team works in close cooperation with our customers to optimize production processes on site according to requirements. Innovative special products are the globally unique result.

Custom designed fabrics for any application will solve your problems:

  • Our antistatic Loadrunner fabrics are made in various designs, perfect for your products
  • Excellent discharge of electrical load into all three dimensions
Process Belts

Villforth Siebtechnik is the leading manufacturer of technical products for variety textile applications in the area of pulp drainage, engineering, leather industry, food industry, building supplies industry, glass fibre nonwoven, nonwoven fabrics and many more applications. Due to decades of experience we will be able to provide the suitable process belt for your machine.

Please inquire as well about our drum clothings of high quality, with long durability and a professional installation by our mounting personnel setting high standards.

Due to multitude areas of application, specific characteristics have to be covered:

  • Resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical impact
  • Surface texture from ultra fine to coarse embossing
  • Equipment with various seam types possible (clipper seam, woven back pin seam, spiral pin seam or woven seam (endless)

We would be pleased to advice you in person at your site with one of our highly qualified employees