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Villforth Fabrics are
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Tradition and High-Technology working together

Thread for thread: precision and quality are our top priorities. Thereby, producing flawless fabrics in our company in Reutlingen. We fully take into account any particular requirements of the characteristics and lifetime of the fabrics.

Our production facility is continuously adjusted and optimized in accordance with our customer’s needs. Since June 2015, we have one of the most modern projectile weaving loom in the world. All of our fabrics are exclusively produced in our facility in Reutlingen, South Germany.

For the correct position of warp yarns and weft yarns, we examine every centimeter, every seam, every fabric. In this way, we can guarantee that only products of the highest quality leave our manufacturing plant.

Outstanding Service

Fast, flexible and personal: high quality service is the basis of a longstanding partnership between ourselves and our customers. We want you to succeed with the help of our products and services. This includes providing solutions individually tailored to meet your own particular needs.

On-site service: Our services include professionally mounting our wires directly on the customer’s site, using our own specialist staff. Measuring and testing the wires also forms an integral part of our service. With sales and support offices in over 25 countries worldwide, we are always close at hand.

Potential for optimisation
and greater energy efficiency

 Coating – Fabrics in best shape

At your request, the fabrics can be equipped with our TOPAZ©NT coating. This coating provides a high level of protection against abrasive wear and dirt. Wires with the TOPAZ©NT coating are distinguished by high levels of three dimensional stability, improved retention and faster dewatering.

The application of the TOPAZ©NT coating reduces the internal friction in multi-layer fabrics and this in turn results in an extended lifetime and reduced energy consumption. The TOPAZ©NT coating is resistant to chemical cleaning agents.